Business Growth & Development

business coach_business plan strategyPractical Planning & Strategy –  Solid business planning both written and financial to provide you with the structure and base in which to grow your business and keep focused and on target. The plan can also be used as a tool to raise finance for the company. In addition, once we have diagnosed your business health, we help you build active working document action plans that really keep you on track to achieving your objectives.

Excelling at Selling – Whether you are starting at the beginning and need to learn the best practises of highly successful sales people or whether you want to really understand your selling style and how to adapt it to your buyers for increased success, we have the tools for you to go that extra mile. We can also show you the best ways of building account or client action plans and therefore grow your business profitably.

Marketing Strategy – Marketing has always been an essential mix in long term success. For years business has just come through the door for some companies, but this situation is diminishing and businesses can no longer just expect it to happen. We show you how to assess your current marketing strategy and/or help you build a new one. This way, you are assured that you are utilising your brand and message to its greatest effect.

Lead & Manage for Growth – This programme will instil in you a deeper understanding of your own style and approach to leadership and management which will lead you to make better choices and develop your presence as a Leader that people will want to follow. We also help you to understand the working styles of your people so that you can bring out the best in them. There will be strategies that you can take forward to become a better leader which will increase your company’s performance and improve ultimately the bottom line.

understanding finance_business coachingBusiness Development & Support – Many, if not all businesses show a desire to grow in terms of numbers of clients, turnover and bottom line profit. There are many routes to growth in terms of business development and we help you to structure the right approach to your potential market and give you the necessary tools in order to secure those all important new clients. We underpin this by ensuring you get the help you need to learn new skills in the business development process.

Understanding Finance – Many business owners are technically brilliant at delivery of their service or supply of their products. However, many do not have the financial understanding to run a successful business. Why should they if they have never been exposed to it? We walk you through the steps of understanding the financial side of business and help you create the budgets and monitoring processes that all successful businesses need.

Improving Systems & Procedures – Systemise the work, humanise the exceptions is the motto here. Many successful companies have become so owing to working out and implementing the best systems and processes for their business. We take you through a checklist of processes in order to ensure you are operating efficiently and economically.


Enhancing Team & Individual Performance – Businesses of all sizes rely on teamwork to be successful. When a group of people starts working towards shared goals and producing results that add up to more than the sum of the parts, it becomes a team. When people understand their different working styles and utilise those strengths in the right areas they work more productively and their motivation and loyalty to your business are also increased.

We also work alongside individuals to help them formalise objectives and provide the necessary help for them to achieve their aims. In this way individuals are more motivated by increasing their own performance levels as they become a more valuable asset to the company.

Why do People Drive You Mad at Work? (DiSC® Behavioural Profiling) 

Businesses are increasingly recognising the benefits of training their staff to identify different behaviours and using that information to improve communication, avoid conflicts and utilise the strengths of others to produce better results by increasing performance and motivation.

By using simple and highly effective behavioural profiling tools such as DiSC®, it is possible to understand the different behavioural styles and use the knowledge to improve communication skills and reduce conflict – benefiting personal and professional relationships alike.

Find out more about DiSC® Behavioural Profiling.

Effective Time Management – We never seem to have enough time and really we are not in control of time itself. However, personal time management skills are essential for effective people. We can show you the techniques of high achievers and if you use these skills well, then you will be able to function exceptionally well, even under pressure.