DiSC® Behavioural Profiling Explained

DiSC© Behavioural Profiling – Benefits DiSC is a model of human behaviour that helps people understand “why they do what they do.” The DiSC dimensions of behaviour make up the DiSC model and interact with other factors to describe the typical behavioural styles of individuals. Organisations worldwide have embraced the language of DiSC to pave the way for successful training, coaching, and consulting applications. DiSC profiles are used extensively by individuals and organisations for:

  • Building productive teams.
  • Developing effective managers, supervisors, leaders.
  • Training a powerful sales force by understanding buying styles.
  • Improving customer service.
  • Enhancing communication.
  • Managing and resolving conflict.
  • Improving personal diversity, awareness and recognition.
  • Improving the bottom line productivity.
  • Assisting in hiring, recruiting, promotion and outsourcing.
  • Managing change.
  • Enhancing quality.
  • Managing and coaching of individuals.

There are different types of profiles used including Leadership, Management, Sales, Workplace and Cohesive Teams. Profiles can be followed and consolidated in a team environment by tailored workshops. Deciding what is right for the client will always be discussed.   DiSC profiling is a way of assessing behavioural style at work. It is not a measure of intelligence, experience, values or education, only observable behaviour.  


Disc Work of Leaders is an invaluable tool for helping senior people become the leaders they want to be. It improves self awareness in key areas to help get better outcomes as a leader. It determines your leadership style in relation to Vision, Alignment and Execution and provides strategies to develop performance.


DiSC can assess the behavioural style of managers and directors at any level of the organisation. By fully understanding one’s own style of management, the manager can begin to recognise and understand the working styles of not only their subordinates, but also their own line manager. This leads to greater harmony in the organisation, increased efficiency and improved motivation, ultimately leading to a better bottom line  

Recruitment and Appraisals

DiSC is frequently used as an aid to recruitment and the annual appraisal process. Getting staff or job candidates to undertake a profile should not be seen as a cause for concern. It is not a test to pass or fail and does not measure intelligence or values or recognise gender. It can also be used to make sure team members are allocated to the right role, to get everyone’s input and not just input from those with the loudest voices.  

Sales People

Salespeople and customer service staff can benefit greatly from understanding how to recognise, negotiate and handle different personality types. We start by sales people understanding their selling styles, then understanding and recognising the buying styles of buyers. Finally, by adapting to the style of the buyer, the sales person is enhancing the relationship by conducting the transaction in a style where the buyer is more comfortable and responsive.  


Understanding different behaviours and working styles of individuals and teams through DiSC Workplace can improve communication, avoid conflict and utilise the strengths of others to produce better results.

Cohesive Teams

The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team is an assessment-based learning experience that helps individuals and organisations reveal what it takes to build a truly cohesive and effective team in the most approachable, competent and effective way possible.